You've commented on a few of my essays, which I appreciate, but I don't think you've clapped for them. I don't clap for everything I read either, but ultimately if I'm going to take the time to respond to a comment I usually only do so for clappers because they're paying for my time.

With that said, the fingers do go both ways, but sometimes for different things. And the left is overall encouraged to point fingers whereas the right can be "banned" for it.

Religion is a whole bag of worms to dive into, but I will say I think it depends on the community you live in, i.e. the Amish. America was also founded on Judeo-Christian ideals so a lot of the things we value secularly have their roots in religious philosophy, i.e. "All men are created equal."

"Obesity and ignorance in particular." I'm not sure about obesity, but actually the left is more ignorant about politics: (which I see you've read here before). Cheers!

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