You are missing my point.

First, when the government shuts down the economy/jobs/businesses which is ppl only way to survive then how do you expect those ppl to survive without some sort of assistance? None of the options on the table are ideal, but I'd much prefer seeing the government send money to all Americans than for them to just bailout big business and cut taxes for the rich.

Secondly, my point isn't to "convince people to make political judgements based on who is willing to give them free money." My article has virtually nothing to do with the wisdom of sending money in of itself (I have written frequently about my stance against UBI). My article is about how when Side A and Side B agree X is good, but then Side B refuses X unless its part of XYZ then that means Side B is playing politics instead of doing what they believe would be right for the American people which would be at least passing X and then leaving YZ to the ballot box. I hate to see this political gamesmanship and I think the American people should call it out for what it is.

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