Why Joe Rogan is Moving to Spotify in September

Anthony Galli
2 min readMay 25, 2020

Since he hasn’t explicitly said why yet, we can only speculate.

But as a frequent listener of his thoughts and feelings, I’d say he’s moving for two big reasons…


According to reports, he’ll get over $100 million dollars. As an unrelated side-note I was wondering… could he have taken that $100 million and immediately bought $100 million worth of Spotify stock? Would that be legal? If so that would have been a genius financial move on his part because immediately upon his announcement their stock went up 15%.

“More money” may seem like an obvious motivator, but here’s something to consider: what matters more to Rogan… money or views? By moving, Rogan will get more money, but he is taking a big risk with his influence, in much the same way that Howard Stern gained money, but lost influence by moving to Sirius.

I think neither money nor influence are very important to Rogan at this point in his life because he already has so much of them, but for his personality I could see him more titillated by the prospect of more money than more views.


Joe Rogan’s move is one small step forward for free speech. Google and Facebook pretty much have monopoly control over our digital free speech rights. It’s scary! Medium, which is technically independent of the two, is still largely beholden to the Google algorithm for its success. If Google says jump, Medium will jump. This isn’t the case with Spotify. In a single move, Joe Rogan has helped make Spotify a major player in content hosting.

The more competition in this sector then the more freedom we’ll have to speak our minds because now these companies know that if they get too handsy with their censorship then a lot of their big names will jump ship, which will quickly be followed by their fanbases.

The past few years, YouTube has notoriously been cracking down harder and harder on its creators. They demonetize videos seemingly at random. They’ll ban accounts without explanation or warning. They promote channels as “authoritative sources” such as CNN and FoxNews while suppressing independent news channels as “borderline content” all in an effort to be more PG for corporate advertisers.

By moving to Spotify, Joe Rogan will get the respect and freedom he wants to say what he wants. If any problems arise he’ll have Spotify’s ear.

And he’ll have mine.