What is the plan? Based on your article, I think the first person who should ask this question is you because with all due respect you don't seem to understand what the Republican position is.

You laid out some policy positions, but you ignored what is really the thrust of why a lot of conservatives are conservatives.

Trump has succeeded at deregulation and appointing constitutionalist judges. He has also taken a stronger stand than Obama/Biden on China, which is our greatest foreign policy threat. He hasn't done enough on illegal immigration, i.e. building enough wall/fence, but Biden wants to legalize everyone illegally while not taking any meaningful step to stop it further therefore incentivizing the problem to grow.

You correctly laid out the states rights argument against Roe vs. Wade so thank you for that. Even RBG thought Roe vs. Wade went too far and abortion should largely be decided by state legislatures.

Ultimately, "what is the plan?" is also a more leftist top-down question. Conservatives tend to be a bit more humble and think that ultimately individuals should be making more of the plans for themselves and not some well-intentioned politician or unelected bureaucrat or judge.



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