The Truth About Red State “Takers” vs. Blue State “Donors”

Anthony Galli
6 min readFeb 5, 2024

Democrats frequently say that red states are the biggest “takers”…

7 of the top 10 dependent states, dare I say ‘taker’ states, are red states.Gavin Newsom

If you really believe that Americans with higher incomes shouldn’t pay for benefits provided to those with lower incomes, you should be calling on “donor” states like New Jersey and New York to cut off places like Kentucky and let their economies collapse. — Paul Krugman, The Moochers of Middle America

But first, let me appeal to the Left by asking… where’s your empathy, bro?

As the leftist American Prospect says,

When Democrats talk about ‘moocher’ red states receiving more federal benefits than they give in federal taxes, they reveal their elitism and reinforce ‘welfare queen’ rhetoric.

Second, let’s acknowledge there’s a subjective nature to being a “taker.”

I think someone who makes a lot of money rent-seeking on Wall Street or in DC is more of a “taker” than a small farmer, stay-at-home mom, or soldier.