The Best Alternative to UBI: Capitalist Yeoman

Anthony Galli
5 min readMay 30, 2023

As artificial intelligence improves it could eliminate a lot of jobs therefore leading to massive inequality as the owners of capital would get virtually all of the economic gains.

In order to offset this dystopia some have suggested UBI…

But the first problem with UBI is economic.

Economic growth has declined over the decades due to greater government control

And so rather than massively growing the pie again by cutting regulations, taxes, bureaucracy, and indoctrination, UBI would theoretically better divide the pie.

Some UBI proponents argue that UBI should only be implemented “instead of” our welfare state and not “in addition to,” but this would only minimize some of the growth constraints and at the end of the day virtually every UBI proponent would support a UBI bill regardless of whether it included spending cuts and so by band-aiding over our underlying limitations it’d only make it easier for the powers-that-be to further consolidate power because we’d be distracted by our “bread and circuses.”

The second problem with UBI is political.

People will vote for evermore UBI therefore turning elections into auctions with other people’s money: “$2000 a month!” “No, $3000!” “Going once, going twice, sold, to the candidate from California!” As UBI increases so will taxes therefore killing more and more small-to-medium-size businesses until eventually all that’s left atop the tide is a massive unaccountable government and a few of its closest corporate friends.

The third problem with UBI is psychological.

People care more about something if they have a lot of power over a small area than a little power over a large area.

With the former, humans become more vigilant, thoughtful, critical, happy, and empowered.

With the latter, the bottom 99% become more lazy, stupid, indifferent, depressed, and weak while the top 1% can also become these things in addition to becoming arrogant and cruel toward those they’d look down upon as…