Thanks Peter! You raised some interesting points. Much of your comment tho relies on your eye witness account, which is fascinating.

Please post an essay sharing your story, but for it to possibly gain legs I recommend verifying your account as much as you can by sharing a quote from your fellow witness, including any evidence pointing to you guys being there that day, the more specific your location the better, and verifying your status with the corporation and top-secret status as much as you can.

I tend to believe people, but for this people should have a higher bar for believability. If you don't want to share that information I obviously don't blame you, but I really think it would be good for the public record if you ever do decide to provide as full of an account of that day as you can.

As to the info you provided about Australia that is interesting. I do wonder why if it is aliens and there are so many of them why more governments haven't at least gone on the record by officially recognizing their existence.

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