Some Republicans are his friend. Some are not. It really depends, but as to "who is using who" is a negative understanding of how a republic SHOULD work. In a republic one must compromise.

Republicans/conservatives/centrists are not evil. Generally speaking, we want to secure the border, enforce immigration law, increase STEM immigrants, free students, free consumers, free entrepreneurs, raise tariffs on China, balance the federal budget, keep taxes lower than Europe, simplify federal gov./taxes, states rights, prevent the proliferation of terrorist networks/WMDs, increase domestic energy production, protect free speech, increase/reform police budgets (here’s my article where I breakdown Kyle Kulinski’s positions on some of these issues). Some of these issues we can find common ground, "who is using who" is not an American mode of thought. Americans historically have embraced compromise. It is what has made us so great and powerful. Politics is complex. You can't get it 100% your way in a republic where there is 50% of the country who adamantly oppose seeing your big government vision imposed on them. You need to get your hands dirty and at least compromise on some things or else you'll see nothing get done, which quite honestly, many Republicans are okay with.