Should America Have Dropped the Bomb?

Anthony Galli
9 min readDec 29, 2021

As the Democratic Party has gained greater control over our education system (FEC data: 87% of teachers & 90% of professors are Democrats) it has not only become more costly, but less effective.

What our education system is good at though is churning out low-information Democrats. Safe spaces for all!

Many Democrats feel our schools aren’t teaching enough about the “dark spots” of history, which is how they justify their support for CRT. A theory that believes “to fix past discrimination there needs to be current discrimination.”

There has been this sort of role back of history. People want to hide history. Parents don’t want children to learn about the real history and when we teach children about the real history that’s when we’ll have true racial reconciliation. — Sunny Hoston, The View

Trevor Noah equates banning CRT in K-12 education to banning teaching about slavery. Can you spot the strawman?

When asked about why the U.S. Department of Education wants teachers to use CRT reading material, the White House Press Secretary dishonestly framed CRT as if it was only about teaching the bad of our history, “children should learn not just the good, but also the challenging in our history.”

In reality, American history classes already push a more negative view of our nation’s past, hence why children are less patriotic than ever before. It’s not their parents who are making them unpatriotic because those children who have two active parents are more likely to be patriotic republicans, but it’s the children who are primarily fed, raised, clothed, housed, entertained, and educated by the state or a liberal elite boarding school who tend to be…