Scott I agree with you. I’m not arguing that we should go back in time to pre-industrial revolution. I’m just saying that when it comes to A.I., genetics, and weaponry when is enough enough? My point here is that technological development is not inherently good as evidenced by the fact that your average Chinese person had a better life during Imperial China than the 2 centuries that followed. And as we look into the future we should all be alarmed with where technology is taking us. For example, in college a lot of my friends took adderall. Most of them didn’t have a prescription and the ones who did abused it. I felt like they had an unfair advantage over me when it came to test taking. Now what happens when a better drug comes out that enhances mental performance? Everyone would be forced to take it because the competition will be taking it. It’s like professional sports. Some central authority needs to be in place to say to the players they can’t use steroids. Now if the U.S. says to people you can’t use mental steroids then that would put the U.S. at an economic disadvantage. You feel where I’m going with this?



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