Ron Paul’s Non-Interventionist Philosophy Applied to Ma’Khia Bryant Case

Anthony Galli
2 min readMay 3, 2021

Ron Paul believes violence is only appropriate in self-defense.

Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense. — Ron Paul

With the recent Ma’Khia stab attack, it seems a lot of people on the internet agree. Let girls be girls! Stay out of it!

It sounds ridiculous, but I actually think there’s some truth to it.

Our country has become so trigger-happy that perhaps at this point it’s better to err on the side of passivity in order to stymie the moral narrative the federal government exploits to grow their own power?

If Americans were more educated (50% of Americans can’t read at an 8th-grade level) then perhaps we’d be more effective in reeling in the military-industrial complex after giving it the “okay” to carry out a specific morally justifiable mission, such as stopping a genocide, but what ends up happening is that even after the mission is completed their budget continues to grow and grow and grow under Republican and Democrat administrations!

Unlike Ron Paul, I support military intervention to stop genocide or aggression, such as we saw in the first gulf war, but I think there must be a Declaration of War, which contains a very clear objective and ideally with some international support.

In recent years I’ve become more sympathetic to Ron Paul’s non-interventionist philosophy and so if we were to apply it to domestic affairs I wouldn’t go so far as to say the state should have done nothing in the case of Ma’Khia, but I believe in a communities right to self-rule and so perhaps a community could train their police to only use a taser (except when blood had already been drawn or in their own self-defense)? Does this mean the girl in pink may have been severely injured or died? Yes.

But I’ve developed such a distrust of the government that perhaps we should make it harder for the gov. to use deadly force no matter how legitimate it may be in a given situation?

Idk just some food for thought.

I wouldn’t want my police trained to be so non-violent, but I do see some of the value in it and I just thought this would make for an interesting answer by drawing upon an unfortunate anecdote to make some larger points about state violence.

Anthony Galli

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