"Only money matters" is not true. If that was the case then the candidate who spends the most money would always win, but as evidenced by Donald Trump that is not the case.

Money has always been and will always been in politics. A lot of people on the left like to pretend like "if we just got money out of politics" then the system would work. Wrong! And will never happen. We could pass campaign finance laws that say you can only contribute $20 to a campaign and then you know what would happen? You think wealthy people will just give up trying to influence elections? No. They will then just buy up and donate money to publications/newspapers/channels/platforms, etc. Just like Bezos buying Washington Post. Once they do this there is no way for gov. to regulate 1st Amendment. "Getting money out of politics" is a fast track to making politicians even more dependent upon the owners of media to get out their messages since they wouldn't have their own money to do so. The answer is transparency. Donate however much money to you want and whoever you want, but it just has to be reported. And then it is up to voters to decide what we do with that information.

Minimalist Federalist Essayist | www.AnthonyGalli.com

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