No worries man. I appreciate your thoughtful response no matter how long it takes ;)

I agree exactly.

The media forces us into a dichotomy discussion.

But a lot of politics isn’t ideological, but strategic.

Nearly everyone agrees with secure borders and legal immigration. The question is how to implement.

That is a far more complicated question that can’t be answered with ideology. This is why when talking to friends I can sit down with them and map out solutions to problems we can both agree with.

Knowing nothing about “Stop the Boats” besides what you just said I think we could agree that people who come across should be finger printed, photographed, and sent back ASAP (no need for detention centers). Then on the flip side Australia should accept more applications of people seeking asylum, especially those who are seeking asylum who have a clean criminal record and some level of education and skills. Finally the Australian government should do more to send supplies and assistance to those areas that need help the most. Cheers, mate.

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