My Ideal Work Environment Gets People Talking

For some people the ideal work environment is a log cabin in the middle of the woods.

And I’ve definitely fantasized about running off to the woods to read, write, code, and think.

But that’s not ideal based upon what my ex-girlfriend use to tell me, “Heyyy you sexy man beast, you feed off of people’s energy. {I maybe paraphrasing}

I’m currently renting a private office across the street from the Petronas twin towers. I got an awesome deal on it.

But I still prefer to work at the nearby coffee shop.

It doesn’t matter if I have my headphones in, I feel more energized and focused when there’s people around. I sit a little straighter. I don’t know “why” exactly, but I’m sure there’s a chemical component to it just as there is with hugging.

I also think there’s a psychological component. I want to be seen as “hard-working” and so I’ll think twice about watching a cat video or taking a cat nap on the floor (both of which I’ve done in my own office).

I believe understanding the benefits & pitfalls of our own work environment is crucial to our success.

I think sometimes people are overly hard on themselves by thinking, “I’m lazy, unfocused, etc…”

But I think developing good habits and productivity often comes down to choosing the right environment for you.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of “willpower”, but “enviropower” {too corny?}!

Does the presence of people have any impact on your work output? What’s your ideal work environment?


This is the start of a 3-part series on My Ideal Work Environment. Follow Me so you don’t miss the next one.



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