It just sounds like you are saying "give black people money or you are racist." And I think if that's the definition then the word is meaningless because most black people aren't even in favor of reparations. On this subject I agree more with Julius Wilson that race-neutral economic reforms are the only viable solution to the most virulent version of the American Dilemma.

As to defund the police/abolish the police, I'd say that I am not "falling into a right wing trap." I believe the words mean what they have always meant. If someone incorrectly uses the English language then the problem is with them. And after all, there are many on the left who were chanting those words who also thought they mean what they meant. Nonetheless, semantics aside, I believe in city's rights to police themselves, but if I lived in a high-crime area I'd vote for politicians who promise to increase the city police budget to better fund police training, body cameras, and attract higher quality applicants.

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