It is a tricky subject to quantify “how much good we are bringing and doing” when no one can quite put a finger on what is “good”? What is the ultimate objective? How do we know if we are moving forward if we don’t even know as a society what our destination is? As a westerner I do take pride in what you and your generation has achieved because standard-of-living/health-span/democracy/peace/education has never been so widely improved and I feel like for me that is a step in the right direction. I completely agree with your sentiment on “cultural imperialism”. I currently live in Vietnam, and maybe quite selfishly, I don’t want Vietnam to turn into the Asian Florida. As to value emphasis difference— U.S. vs. U.K: Economic Growth vs. Economic Equality, Religion vs. Academia, Individualism vs. Collective, Coffee vs. Tea ;)

Minimalist Federalist Essayist |

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