I stopped reading after the first paragraph because with all due respect I see you don't understand. The $1,200 we'd receive as COVID relief is not sent by the president as a bribe. It is sent by the federal government as a means for providing some relief due to it and local government shutting down many Americans ability to make any money at all.

I agree the check shouldn't have the president's name on it, which the Democrats could make a condition for passage, but nonetheless both parties say they support the $1,200 stimulus check so in a functioning republic it would be done. Period.

The rest of the stuff Nancy Pelosi wants such as sending billions to Democrat-majority states and cities or a federal mandate that would not allow states to require your last four digits of your SS to be able to register to vote (not sure how that has to do with COVID relief) could be saved for later.

Minimalist Federalist Essayist | www.AnthonyGalli.com

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