I never tried to "convince people to make political judgements about the country based on who is willing to give them free money." That was never my point, but instead of conceding you are reframing your argument. Fine. So now let's talk about political gamesmanship...

Yes, compromise is good.

Pelosi could add the parameter that Trump's signature should not be on the check, which is ostensibly her first reason for why she doesn't support the standalone bill, but is really just something she knows the MSM and low-information voters would eat up. You tell em! No intelligent observer would say that is a legitimate reason for not doing the stimulus check. Yes, she could make that a parameter for her support. She can say that! And then it will be done. This is obvious.

You call it governance to include a federal mandate in a COVID relief bill where states would be banned from requiring someone's last four digits for SS before being able to register to vote?


"the legislation takes a massive step toward federalizing our elections by requiring same day voter registration and prohibiting states from requiring photo identification at polling places."

"The word cannabis appears in Speaker Pelosi’s bill 68 times and would require a report to make sure that women and minorities are able to fully participate in the cannabis industry."

"The bill would also appropriate $50 million in funding that will-among other things-assist those who are working to stop coal and natural gas production."

"significant tax relief for rich taxpayers in high tax states."

If there is compromise or bipartisanship on Capital Hill it is the 14 House Democrats and the entire Republican caucus who voted against her leftist grandstanding.

She is purposely spiking negotiations at a time when Republicans would be willing to give MAXIMUM concessions before election day in order to get good news.

And don't get me wrong. It seems like Pelosi is playing smart politics here because she has received virtually no pushback and she will prevent any good news on COVID relief until after election day, but then don't expect Republicans to give up as much after then.

(I didn't conflate. I purposely left out the word "federal" when I wrote "when the government shuts down the" so you can insert the federal/state/city.)

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