I have also done a lot of research and have had a lot of experience with American healthcare. For example, I was once on Medicaid where after waiting many hours on the phone the gov. said they wouldn't cover my root canal because it was an "unnecessary tooth" only for the dentist to then tell me he could give me a discount on the root canal by doing a bunch of unnecessary CAT scans of my mouth which he could then bill to the state.

Latvia has 1.9 million people. Are you guys also more homogenous and pro-socialist? I'm all for Vermont's freedom to implement whatever healthcare system they want such as M4A or the Latvian version. Unfortunately, Democrats stop this from happening. Conservatives, like myself, believe in states rights.

You make a lot of appeals to authority in your comment - Nobel Peace Prize who gave Obama one for simply being Obama (not exactly a credible institution anymore), Vox (extremely partisan far-left institution who has never made a single pro-Republican point therefore highlighting they are nothing but partisan hacks) and yourself.

I also don't dismiss innovation from elsewhere, but its undeniable that America leads the world in medical innovation.

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