I don't see how you lost your best friend to Trump. Did he grab her by the p*ssy and take her away'? No, so what you are really saying is you aren't friends with her anymore because of XYZ + her Trump support, but hopefully you didn't drop all your friends simply because they voted for Trump. In fact, you should go out of your way to be friends with smart, honest people who did vote for him otherwise you will find yourself in an intolerant ideological bubble if you are not already in it. Roughly 50% of America is not evil for having supported him. It was an unideal binary choice. I believe in limited government, federalism, low taxes, low-regulated capitalism, constitutionalist judges, strong borders, strategic tariffs, and and a strong foreign policy. There are rational, well-supported arguments for each of these that then makes sense for someone to choose the Republican party (who Trump happens to lead it now) over the Democratic party which is moving further and further to the left whereby they literally want to do the exact opposite of the policies I mentioned before and in addition make racism/sexism/anti-americanism mainstream. FYI I define racism in the traditional sense as "thinking another race is inferior to your own," and not the new age sense of, "everything that is white is racist by its very existence."

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