I consider myself more an “idealistic realist.” I like to dream things that can be and work back from there on how to realistically achieve it. Too many people take a passive approach to what the future will be. The future is not written in stone. It’s conversations like this that directly impact what can be.

  1. In agreement with your point: we’ve been promised flying cars for decades.
  2. I am not an expert in artificial intelligence, but if we discovered a galactic olympics and we could only send one human to represent the human race I would vote for Elon Musk lol, in other words I put a lot of faith in his words. And he, amongst a lot of other smart individuals in this field, are waving a red flag as to the existential threat A.I. poses to humanity. An analogy Musk uses is imagine if we knew, for a fact, that a super-human intelligence was going to land on Earth in the next 20 years… how would the world respond? You can be darn sure we’d all unite and start gearing up our military for this eventual arrival. Well, this is what’s going to happen, but this intelligence is not going to come from the stars, it’s going to come from our smartphones. With this in mind, I think this intelligence will eliminate virtually ALL jobs. I use to comfort myself with the thought that “humans will always be needed” because of things like “human contact”, but as I discuss here: How to Stop a Blade Runner Dystopia even this will be replicated by a machine if we don’t put a stop to it.


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