I appreciate you calling out both sides.

But I have to strongly disagree with you about M4A.

It would not save us money because just name a government monopoly that does? Instead it would inevitably lead to more corruption and less innovation therefore killing millions of Americans in the long-run. The key is MASSIVE deregulation. Abolish the Food & Drug Administration. The price of healthcare would then dramatically drop as people would be paying more out of pocket. The quality would also go up as we see with the least regulated parts of the healthcare industry. I cannot underscore these points enough. More federal bureaucracy is definitely not the answer. I don't imagine my ranting here persuading you, but I'm open to discussion on any point.

"Unlimited supply" of money is obviously incorrect. Why not print 350 trillion dollars then and make every man, woman, and child a trillionaire? The answer is... inflation, which is basically a tax that hurts fixed-income Americans the most. The US currency is currently the reserve currency of much of the world, but this is changing, and as the rich see the value of their worth diminish due to leftist philosophy that we have an "unlimited supply" of money then they will change their money into other currencies to store their wealth, which can happen quickly, therefore, collapsing the American economy with no way to print our way out.

Independent Analysis to Free the Individual | www.AnthonyGalli.com

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