How to Reduce Federal Spending w/ Debt Ceiling, Budgets, Continuing Resolutions, Amendments

Anthony Galli
4 min readJan 30

America spends roughly $30,000 per person per year, which is more than what virtually any other country on Earth spends.

This money is not only pulled out of production, but then it’s largely used to suppress it further via regulation and indoctrination.

We should obviously cut federal spending, but the question is… how can we be more successful in doing so?

Fundamentally it comes down to the big TOE: Two-parent households + Ownership + Education

If they were higher than we’d be a more fiscally conservative country again.

But as a matter of political strategy, Republicans shouldn’t support any bill that increases spending.

When we have the presidency, senate, and house we should cut spending, but if it’s a divided government then we should at worst compromise by holding-the-line on spending (ideally in real terms).

Any Republican that votes to increase spending (as a percentage of GDP) should be primaried and definitely not reelected to the Senate GOP leadership for the 20th consecutive year.

The Case for Term Limits

But if Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on a budget then won’t we get a government shutdown?


Because they can pass a Continuing Resolution. A CR can last a day or it can last the whole year. The beauty of a CR is it maintains the same levels of spending as the previous year. Fantastic!

Other countries don’t have government shutdowns precisely because their CR’s are automatic.

“In nearly every other country f the government were to fail to pass a budget by