How Socialism Runs American “Capitalism”

Anthony Galli
6 min readJan 15, 2024

Virtually no one understands how our financial system works.

Money In

First, it starts with understanding this…

The dollar is a socialist monetary monopoly.

In other words, it’s created by the government and it’s our only legal tender.

Gold, silver, crypto, foreign currencies, etc. are considered assets and are therefore taxable if they increase in value.

So with a socialist monetary monopoly lying at the heart of our financial system how does it distort “capitalism”?

The government prints them and then gives them to the big banks for virtually free.

The big banks are little more than government subsidiaries who then lend their cheap money at a slightly higher interest rate to virtually anyone who wants it in order to generate a profit.

The richer you are the freer this money is to you!

When the government forces interest rates down it’s basically forcing the rich to borrow a $1 because if it costs them 2% — 5% to borrow and the stock market gives them a 10% return then what choice do “capitalists” have but to become money mules?

In other words, Democrats and Republicans compromised by building an economic system where the government gets to spend a lot more so long as it washes its money through “private” institutions and individuals.

This money-washing fuels massive inequality!

On the fiscal side, Congress spends a lot of money too, which overwhelmingly goes toward making institutions and individuals even more dependent upon the state where total government spending is about $28,000 per person (more than virtually any country on Earth) with over $100,000 of national debt per person.