How a Bus Ride Revealed Why the Poor Stay Poor (and how to avoid the trap)

I’m getting looks.

And then you know what will happen in 10 years?

Technology will replace their jobs and they’ll demand the government take more and more of my money because “he got lucky”, “the system is unfair”, while never taking a look at how their daily habits perpetuated their poverty.

  1. Listen to a Podcast Episode Daily
  2. Write 500 Words Daily
  3. Do 100 Pushups Daily (strong body is important to a strong mind)
  4. Meditate 5 Minutes Daily
  5. Study Website Design 20 Minutes Daily
  6. Study Filmography 20 Minutes Daily
  7. Study Digital Marketing 20 Minutes Daily
  8. Write a Medium Post Daily
  9. Read a Liberal & Conservative Magazine Daily

Minimalist Federalist Essayist |

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