Great suggestion about "better fire" and I'm glad you called out the Clean Air Act and CARB, but I don't think the solution should therefore be more federal involvement. The California State budget was over $200 billion. Why is this a federal responsibility? Because we're all interconnected? Every state can say how something they produce affects us all so does this mean the federal government should shoulder responsibility whenever a state's leadership fails? How long have Democrats controlled California's State House? Decades? Throw out the state leadership, show you've learned your lesson, and then you'll have more credibility asking for a bailout, because otherwise all the federal gov. would be doing is propping up a failed one-party state.

I also understand that with a microscope your suggestion the federal government toss a few billion to California for this may seem harmless, but it ends up deluding the focus of the federal government to the point where the gov. is terrible at everything because it's trying to help everywhere. That's not how our constitution is designed, but our individual/states rights keep being corroded in the interest of fixing whatever the next "emergency" may be.

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