Free Education is Not the Answer, but here’s a simple solution!

I attended a public university (Go Bearcats!).

I qualified for government grant and loan money.

I’m extremely grateful for the assistance, but FREE college is not the answer as proposed by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Andrew Cuomo.

The United States has one of the worst K-12 education systems in the world, despite spending the second most per pupil.

Throwing more money at the problem doesn’t appear to be solving it.

But on the other-hand, America has one of the best university systems in the world.

Why this discrepancy in results between the K-12 system vs. the university system? It’s because the former is free and the latter is not.

When people have choice in a free market — quality usually goes up and costs go down.

But higher education costs aren’t going down?

It’s because the government guarantees loans. Universities hike tuition costs because they know students can take out a loan to pay it, therefore putting the student in debt for a decade.

The solution?

Appoint a really smart Secretary of Education to intelligently disperse the billions of dollars in grant and loan money.

Oh wait that’s right, cabinet members are often chosen based upon political contribution rather than practical experience. So maybe it isn’t such a good idea to put more of our children’s futures into the hands of the federal education department, which FREE education would do.

The government should give EVERYONE in the country X amount of dollars per month to spend on accredited universities and schools, including select online schools.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution not seen since the industrial revolution. “Learning” is not something we should do between the ages of 6–21 years old. Our society must encourage life-long learning if America is going to remain the wealthiest and most productive in the world.

Therefore as crazy as my solution may sound I think it’s the greatest way to ensure universal access to a higher quality capitalistic education system [Read my proposal for universal access to higher quality healthcare].


If you’re a life-long learner you can go to my web app to start tracking personal learning challenges (as well as challenges related to work, adventure, health, etc).

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