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  • Alexander R. Outlaw

    Alexander R. Outlaw

    I am a Rationalist. I believe in limited government in both our lives and in our wallets. https://rational-outlaw.weebly.com/

  • Carmelo San Paolo

    Carmelo San Paolo

    Anti Alliteration Activist | Aspiring Writer| Personal development | Social commentary | libertarian | https://carmelosanpaolo.substack.com

  • James Jordan

    James Jordan

    Teller of tales, many of which are actually true. Award-winning journalist, and the William Allen White Award for reporting.

  • Jon Anthony Carsello

    Jon Anthony Carsello

    I'm a Registered nurse with a PhD in Public Health. I have spent most of my career working in equatorial Africa and in conflict zones.

  • Steve Styers

    Steve Styers

  • Linda Acaster

    Linda Acaster

    British multi-genre fiction author who haunts historic sites. www.lindaacaster.com

  • Manu Chatterjee

    Manu Chatterjee

    Engineer and Father of two. Passionate about, science, music, short stories, and little things that make life interesting.

  • R.B. Lamb

    R.B. Lamb

    Author. Test Engineer. History Lover. Idiot. RBLambAuthor@Gmail.com

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