Democracy is Alive, But Not Well | Capital Hill Takeover BREAKDOWN

First, let’s get into this guy’s mind…

He believes the election was stolen. He believes he’s on the side of American democracy.

If your an American and you believed our democracy was about to end then wouldn’t you support violence to take it back? Violence doesn’t always equal bad. America was born in violence, kept together through violence, and has spread our ideals through violence.

As Americans, we’ve ALWAYS BELIEVED that when democracy fails, violence is required. This is the PRIMARY reason why we have the 2nd Amendment.

But the deeper question is are you certain our democracy failed?

To a Trump Supporter who primarily consumes their news from Donald Trump, The_Donald, and Rudy Giuliani I can see why they feel certain Trump won. The crackdown by mainstream and social media on Trump supporters also INCREASES the hysteria because they don’t feel like they’re getting a fair shake in the court of public opinion. Before any investigation was made Democrats closed their minds and said there was no fraud. As soon as you claim there’s “no fraud” then even if fraud is discovered you’d have your whole reputation wrapped up in mocking and disputing it so then Democrats moved the ball to there’s “no widespread fraud.” Every fraud claim was immediately dismissed as fake or unimportant.

This shooing away creates more radicalization.

I was reading yesterday (The_Donald was banned on Reddit) and in their radicalized universe, you’d think Donald Trump was some mastermind genius who was about to use Vice President Pence’s gavel to play the ultimate trump card. Trump and his supporters seriously believe that Trump’s running mate could unilaterally overturn their defeat. Absurd!

But looking at the presented evidence there just wasn’t enough there for a legislature, and especially a court, to overturn the election in enough states.

Looking backward, Trump and Republicans had many opportunities to prevent the situation we’re in had they been more competent and had more foresight. And I have ZERO doubt that if the tables were turned and it was Trump who disproportionally benefited from less rigorously checked mail-in voting then they’d be calling him a political genius for doing everything he could to win. Many Trump supporters like the fact Trump lies and cheats because they think that’s what you have to do to become rich and powerful — at least he’s an honest liar! Dog eat dog world!

Looking forward, Republicans and Democrats should work together so we don’t get a repeat of 2016 or 2020 where each side believes the election was stolen. According to a recent poll, 39% of Americans (17% of Democrats) believed the election was “rigged.” That’s staggering!

Republicans want more security. Democrats want more voting. If we had a more functional republic, they’d compromise to allow for safe, easy voting like in Oregon where mail-in voting has been safely done with broad bipartisan support for decades.

Passions will soon fade over yesterday as we will all unite in our frustration with President Biden.

E pluribus unum.

But if there’s any good that could come out of yesterday it’d be that we realize how fragile our republic is. Yesterday never posed a serious threat to it, but it’s a warning of what could happen if we continue to lose trust in our elections because one day whichever party is in power may ironically overturn our republic while cloaking themselves in the American flag.

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