I'm a freelance teacher and political/psychological essayist.

I put the minarchy in minimalism.

Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Binghamton University. Worked as a Legislative Assistant in the New York State Assembly and Senior Assistant in the New York State Senate.

I sprinkle a little freedom wherever I go from living full-time in a small-sized RV to now living in SE Asia.

I believe in downsizing DC! A rightwinger is not by definition a "racist" as our leftwing oligarchists who control Big Media/Tech/Ed/Gov/Pharma/Finance fearmonger, but someone who simply believes in reducing federal spending, taxation, bureaucracy, and debt, which are already at unprecedented levels, in order to increase personal freedom, responsibility, and power.

I'm not a partisan hack, i.e. someone who falls in line with their side 100% of the time. On what issues do you differ with your party/side? For example, I'm against the death penalty and favor LVT, TIT, gas tax, tariffs, trust-busting, jobs guarantee, and filibuster reform.

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