A Simple Solution to Illegal Immigration You’ve Heard Before

A lot of my liberal friends think…

anti ILLEGAL immigration = anti immigration

It’s like a republican saying…

pro choice = pro abortion (i.e. so obviously you want to abort all babies! We are a nation of babies!)

One ≠ Two

Crying out, “We are a nation of immigrants!” is not a debate point if both sides agree immigration is a good thing.

85% of millionaires in America (including the first lady) are immigrants. If they all left we’d be a poor nation.

The question then becomes — are you for illegal immigration or against it?

You should obviously be against it because after all, we are a nation of laws too!

The #1 reason we should enforce the law is national security.

Two of the 9–11 hijackers were illegal immigrants.

How can we protect our cities if we don’t know who is in the country? And if America can’t stop illegal people from entering the country what makes you think we can stop illegal guns, drugs, or weapons of mass destruction?

The Solution?

A wall?

Most illegal immigrants don’t sneak over the border. They come by overstaying their visa.

A wall can be part of the solution.

But the most effective solution is to pass a national I.D. card.

Employers and authorities could then verify your legal status, and in the case of employers, if they hire without verifying they’d be fined.

Mitt Romney got a lot of flack for this plan when he referred to it as “self-deportation” by making conditions so bad for undocumented workers that they’d want to leave.

What he meant was that since they wouldn’t be able to find work anymore they’d want to return home.

Does it sound radical to you that the United States should be like every other country on the face of the earth in requiring people to have documentation to live and work?

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