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Anthony Galli
Photo by Joe Piette | Photoshopped by Author

Minarchist Argument for Defunding SNAP

I’d argue, however, that in communities where if you call 9–11 you can be put on “hold” for hours or where a disproportionate amount of the crime goes unsolved or where police are forced to work double or even triple shifts they’re actually under-policed.

But it’s interesting how BLM doesn’t apply their same line of logic to other areas where the black community gets a disproportionate amount of taxpayer funding. Defund food stamps?

But seriously, why don’t they? Both security and food are part…

Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax Impact on Climate, Privacy, and Federal Competency

Virginia Department of Transporation | Photoshopped by Author

A small-town mayor who made a national name for himself by running a failed presidential campaign. He clearly wasn’t chosen to lead our trillion-dollar transportation sector because of his experience.

During one of his many TV interviews, Pete suggested the federal government should consider implementing a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax, which is “a policy of charging motorists based on how many miles they have…

First, let me start by saying I have a lot of respect for Dennis. I’m a long-time fan of his channel. We’re both New Yorkers trying to make a little name for ourselves on YouTube. And I like how he gives his honest opinion on a variety of topics in a friendly next-door neighbor type of way, and although he’s way more liberal than me, I appreciate his perspective as a middle-class family man.

With that said, I think he f***ed up on a recent video and after spending a fair amount of time writing a comment on it I…

Ben Shapiro Thumbnail

If you’re liberal then BEFORE forming a strong opinion about a political matter I strongly encourage you to get Ben Shapiro’s take on it. Unlike virtually everyone in MSM he has his own thoughts that were not provided to him by “corporate” or a team of “comedy writers” and he’s not afraid to speak the truth to the “mob.” You may very well come away disagreeing with him, but at least you would have a better sense of what the right thinks rather than what strawman arguments the left says the right thinks.

With that said, while researching the interview…

If you’ve seen, which I don’t recommend, Netflix’s 4-part documentary series, “Crime Scene: The Vanishing At Cecil Hotel,” then you would’ve seen the manipulative power of withholding facts…

In episode one, the elevator security footage shows Elisa Lam hiding from “some(one).” Overall, the episode leads us to believe she was kidnapped by ghosts or a homeless person on Skid Row.

Tom Brady transforming from a Patriot into a Buccaneer

At this point, I have more respect for a guy yelling about how “The world is flat!!!” than if someone tried to argue Tom Brady isn’t the greatest football player of all-time.

The stats don’t lie…

  • Super Bowl Rings: #1
  • Pro-Bowl Selections: #1
  • Quarterback Wins: #1
  • All-Time Passing Touchdowns: #1
  • All-Time Combined Passing Yards: #1

But with that said, Tom Brady wasn’t and isn’t the greatest physical specimen of all-time…

The Dawn of Maximum Unity

Inauguration Addresses are usually light on substance, but this took it to a whole new level.

People are praising Biden’s address for its “tone,” but to me, it was insulting to the American people’s intelligence.

He talked of unity, but I heard nothing in his speech about what he means by “unity” or how he intends to create more “unity.”

Senator Rand Paul Tweeting Spending Bill | Photoshopped by Author

The U.S. Senate should pass the “Read the Bills Act.”

This Act was written in 2006 by Downside DC, which is a non-profit focused on decreasing the size of the federal government. The Act has since been sponsored and proposed in the U.S. Senate by Senator Rand Paul.

This Act requires legislators who want to vote YES on a bill to sign an affidavit swearing to have read or heard read the entire bill. Every bill is required to be read aloud before a quorum in both chambers.

This Act also requires legislation to be publicly posted at least 7…

First, let’s get into this guy’s mind…

He believes the election was stolen. He believes he’s on the side of American democracy.

If your an American and you believed our democracy was about to end then wouldn’t you support violence to take it back? Violence doesn’t always equal bad. America was born in violence, kept together through violence, and has spread our ideals through violence.

As Americans, we’ve ALWAYS BELIEVED that when democracy fails, violence is required. This is the PRIMARY reason why we have the 2nd Amendment.

But the deeper question is are you certain our democracy failed?


My Thoughts:

President Trump is incompetent.

Why wasn’t he in the room when Pelosi, Schumer, and Mitch McConnell were negotiating the COVID bill?

I thought Trump was some great dealmaker?

President Reagan worked closely with Speaker Tip O’Neill. Great presidents take an ACTIVE role in proposing legislation. True leadership!

Trump is a reactionary president.

He’s not guided by vision or philosophy, but by his desire to be liked by his base.

Since his base has shown their disdain for the COVID bill, which his administration helped draft via Secretary Mnuchin’s involvement in the negotiations, Trump is now against it too.

(It’s well…

Anthony Galli

Minimalist Federalist Essayist |

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