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Anthony Galli

Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax Impact on Climate, Privacy, and Federal Competency

If the U.S. Department of Transportation was run by somebody with decades of administrative transportation experience then one could make an argument for giving the department even more power, but instead, it’s run by Pete Buttigieg.

Virginia Department of Transporation | Photoshopped by Author

A small-town mayor who made a national name for himself by running a failed presidential campaign. He clearly wasn’t chosen to lead our trillion-dollar transportation sector because of his experience.

First, let me start by saying I have a lot of respect for Dennis. I’m a long-time fan of his channel. We’re both New Yorkers trying to make a little name for ourselves on YouTube. And I like how he gives his honest opinion on a variety of topics in a friendly next-door neighbor type of way, and although he’s way more liberal than me, I appreciate his perspective as a middle-class family man.

Ben Shapiro Thumbnail

If you’re liberal then BEFORE forming a strong opinion about a political matter I strongly encourage you to get Ben Shapiro’s take on it. Unlike virtually everyone in MSM he has his own thoughts that were not provided to him by “corporate” or a team of “comedy writers” and he’s not afraid to speak the truth to the “mob.” You may very well come away disagreeing with him, but at least you would have a better sense of what the right thinks rather than what strawman arguments the left says the right thinks.

If you’ve seen, which I don’t recommend, Netflix’s 4-part documentary series, “Crime Scene: The Vanishing At Cecil Hotel,” then you would’ve seen the manipulative power of withholding facts…

Tom Brady transforming from a Patriot into a Buccaneer

At this point, I have more respect for a guy yelling about how “The world is flat!!!” than if someone tried to argue Tom Brady isn’t the greatest football player of all-time.

  • Super Bowl Rings: #1
  • Pro-Bowl Selections: #1
  • Quarterback Wins: #1
  • All-Time Passing Touchdowns: #1
  • All-Time Combined Passing Yards: #1

But with that said, Tom Brady wasn’t and isn’t the greatest physical specimen of all-time…

The Dawn of Maximum Unity

After President Biden’s Inauguration Address, I messaged my liberal friend…

Inauguration Addresses are usually light on substance, but this took it to a whole new level.

Senator Rand Paul Tweeting Spending Bill | Photoshopped by Author

The U.S. Senate should pass the “Read the Bills Act.”

First, let’s get into this guy’s mind…

He believes the election was stolen. He believes he’s on the side of American democracy.

My Thoughts:

President Trump is incompetent.

In my opinion, a high-information electorate is one where the vast majority of voters can answer 5-of-7 questions from the Pew Research Civics Quiz.

What’s the benefit of a high-information electorate?

A voter is the boss of his public servants.

Anthony Galli

Minimalist Federalist Essayist |

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