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Anthony Galli

Ron Paul believes violence is only appropriate in self-defense.

Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense. — Ron Paul

With the recent Ma’Khia stab attack, it seems a lot of people on the internet agree. Let girls be girls! Stay out of it!

It sounds ridiculous, but I actually think there’s some truth to it.

Our country has become so trigger-happy that perhaps at this point it’s better to err on the side of passivity in order to stymie the moral narrative the federal government exploits to grow their own power?

Me working on Medium for less than $15 an Hour

I find it interesting how the very people who scream the loudest about a $15 federal minimum wage don’t see how they support congresspeople who employ free work “interns” or technocrats in Silicon Valley who’ve built their platforms off of free labor.

Many Medium writers make their money by pushing nonsensical populist progressive ideals like a $15 federal minimum wage where it would destroy the labor market in low-income areas, therefore, hurting poor Americans the most. A $15 federal minimum wage is built on the back of pseudoscience and emotional appeals, which such a policy is even more anti-American-worker when…

The Winner of the 2021 Oscars

And the winner is…


The Oscars were intolerant of intellectual DIVERSITY, i.e. probably not a single conservative was even nominated. This is despite the fact Trump won roughly 50% of the American electorate and Hollywood gets billions of American taxpayer dollars.

The Oscars were intolerant of mainstream America, i.e. virtually none of the films nominated were seen by the average American. Don’t get me wrong I personally like thought pieces, even left-leaning ones like The Joker, but a lot of Hollywood’s movies nowadays are predictable, “white conservative man = bad.”

During a 1950s news report, a conservative man walked up to a young woman to scold her about her bikini.

Everything is political.

And the more you want to control MY life then the more I have to care about and influence the choices YOU make.

Overall, I’m a nonjudgmental person. You do you! But I’ve found that in recent years the left isn’t letting me do me.

The influence-industrial complex says, “BE YOURSELF!” so long as you’re not conservative or for that matter — rational.

I think you don’t have to look under the hood and think deeply about WHY you like what you like or dislike what you dislike, but if you want to vote, especially if you…

I’ve written a much more in-depth essay on the pros and cons of the death penalty here, but with the verdict of Derek Chauvin front of mind, I just want to point out to my fellow conservatives that if you disagree with the verdict then perhaps you should reconsider your views on capital punishment?

Our justice system is imperfect.

You acknowledge this, right?


So then how can you support BIG government in Democrat-controlled cities killing innocent Americans?

Or maybe they did commit the crime, but instead of doing the time, they get the death penalty because they hated the…

Photo by Joe Piette | Photoshopped by Author

Minarchist Argument for Defunding SNAP

BLM looks at the fact black communities have a disproportionate police presence to argue they’re over-policed.

I’d argue, however, that in communities where if you call 9–11 you can be put on “hold” for hours or where a disproportionate amount of the crime goes unsolved or where police are forced to work double or even triple shifts they’re actually under-policed.

But it’s interesting how BLM doesn’t apply their same line of logic to other areas where the black community gets a disproportionate amount of taxpayer funding. Defund food stamps?

But seriously, why don’t they? Both security and food are part…

Anthony Galli

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