6 Powerful Questions to Supercharge Your Motivation to Work

I’m my own worst critic.

There are days where my inner critic drowns out hope:

, , , ,

These questions may sound practical, but they’re for LOSERS!

And god damn it I’m not a loser! I’m a big, strong man!

I’m all-in on my business, ! I’ll never quit! There is no I in quitter! Instead of punishing myself with LOSER questions I’m better off asking WINNER questions which will give me the mindset I need to succeed!

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. — Tony Robbins

How do I make my {work} the best?

A key component to a successful mindset is the NEED TO BE THE BEST.

When I focus on being the best — I feel empowered because I can control my effort and output.

When I focus on being popular — I feel disempowered because I can’t control how people react to what I do.

How will my {work} help save the world?

The future is NOT GUARANTEED!

We can’t afford to have uneducated, intolerant, and amoral people in the world!

The world is TOO FRAGILE, especially as weapons of mass destruction become more accessible and powerful.

We will live in a world where a person can blow up an entire city with a briefcase!

How do we stop this nightmare scenario before it happens?

The ONLY WAY is through empowerment.

Only when people feel weak, hopeless, unloved, and insignificant do they turn to such diabolical measures.

I believe my work can save the world, heck maybe this article will save millions of lives! Maybe it inspires someone struggling with the dark side to start asking better questions and setting better goals via that doesn’t involve destroying the world with a .

Darth Vader reads this and decides to stay on the good side!

How have I benefited from similar {work}?

Since I was in high school I’ve been reading life hacking articles and using goal-setting tools.

They’ve had a profound impact on my life.

I’m inspired by the idea that I can have that same impact with you.

And what comes-around-goes-around.

So maybe one day I’m sick, and my life is saved by you because my work inspired you to achieve your goal of becoming a kick-ass doctor.

How will I benefit from my {work}?

I think you should be your own target market.

I made because I wasn’t happy with the other goal-setting/habit development sites out there.

The beauty of being my own customer is that even if everyone stopped using it I would personally still get value from it.

How can I enjoy my {work} more?

If I get frustrated writing this article I will try to shift my mindset by changing the song, taking a sip of coffee, or writing a sentence that makes me laugh.

I try to remind myself how grateful I am to do what I do.

I think finding the joy in what we do is important because it transfers through the product to the customer.

How can I improve my {work} to make my customers happier/better?

If you have a few customers or even if your only customer is Aunt Theresa — ask yourself how can you make her happier/better with your work?

How can I get 1000 true fans for my {work}?

Sometimes I make the odds seem impossible in my head.

I think about how long it’ll take me to get millions of users when the truth is I only need 1000.

If I can get 1000 people to become premium members of I’ll make $50,000 a year. That is well beyond the money I need to continue my current lifestyle.

And a 1000 people is not a big goal when you think about the billions of people on Earth.

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Anthony Galli is the creator of . He is a 26 year old American living out of a backpack as he travels the world (current location: Southeast Asia). He fancies himself an entrepreneurial, libertarian, human guinea pig bent on making a dent in the universe (why he chooses to speak in the third person no one knows).

Minimalist Federalist Essayist | www.AnthonyGalli.com

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